Wiltshire criminals put behind bars in February

February was a difficult month for these defendants, who must now spend a considerable amount of time behind bars.

From conspiring to commit acts of a sexual nature on a child to being sent back to jail for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, the courts of Wiltshire have been busy locking people up.

Below are some of the biggest and most notable cases our reporters have covered over the past month.

David Nye: Attempt to organize or commit a sexual offense against a child – 3 years old

WARNING: The story contains distressing elements

A ‘lonely’ father-of-two has been trapped by plainclothes cops as he thought to tell the mother of a nine-year-old girl that he wanted to sexually abuse her daughter.

David Nye sent graphic messages to a woman he met on the True Nudists website and arranged to meet her and her daughter.

But it turned out the woman was a police officer and he was arrested in Chippenham.

Full story here.

Benjamin Spencer: Serious bodily harm with intent – 2 years

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A WELDER at Amazon’s Swindon factory struck a colleague in the head with a metal pole, seriously injuring him, after a workplace dispute over where to place a generator.

Benjamin Spencer was working on the £200million development at Symmetry Park early last year when a row developed between him and a scaffolder.

During a confrontation, Spencer picked up a metal pole, hit it in the back of the head and split his helmet, causing the victim to need 12 staples.

The whole story here

Jamie Bowers: causing grievous bodily harm with intent – ​​6 years and 4 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A thug who launched a brutal and unprovoked attack on a nightclub goer was out on license after serving a prison sentence for a similar attack just a few years ago.

Jamie Bowers was jailed again in February after he admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent after attacking the innocent man with his belt buckle as he left Edge nightclub in July 2019.

Full story here.

Richard Fagbola: drug trafficking – 8 months

A CARE leaver found his former cannabis addiction too ‘hard to resist’ during the Covid pandemic, a court has heard.

Richard Fagbola was part of a drug smuggling operation in Swindon between August and December last year, Swindon Crown Court heard on Thursday February 24.

The whole story here

Ayo Awoyera: Being involved in the supply of class A drugs and possession with intent to supply class A drugs – 6 years and 4 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A ‘serial drug dealer’ exploited a vulnerable drug addict in Swindon, taking over his home to use as a production plant, and planned to wave hello to other drug addicts across the town before the police n intervene.

Ayo Awoyera, a veteran of the Hackney drugs scene, moved his operation to the Wiltshire town shortly after his release from prison in June last year.

The whole story here

Claudio Stroud: Actual bodily harm, beating and controlling and coercive behavior – 2 years and 4 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A ‘selfish bully’ who controlled his girlfriend, making her life a ‘misery’ and repeatedly assaulting her, has been jailed.

Claudio Ocean Marc Stroud strangled, punched and even bitten his then-girlfriend, and controlled what she was wearing, who she could be friends with and her bank accounts.

On one occasion, the victim had to send a password to a friend to call the police after he assaulted her.

Full story here.

Lewis Butterfield: Serious bodily harm with intent – ​​7 years and 2 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A licensed prisoner who repeatedly hit another over the head with a tire iron, leaving him with a brain injury and in a coma, has been jailed.

Lewis Butterfield, who had been released months earlier, attacked the man in a chance encounter after previously falling out with him.

Full story here.

Gavin Eyles: Harassment – 2 years and 8 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A foot fetish film and TV actor who ordered his girlfriend to wear socks at all times – even in the bath – during their 18-month ‘naughty’ relationship has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for his behavior controlling towards her.

But the sentence handed down at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday (8 February) means that Gavin Eyles, 37, will be free very soon, as he had already served his sentence while on remand.

The whole story here

Joshua Steele: drug dealing – 1 year and 9 months

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A DEALER who hid his drug line’s SIM card in his children’s toy box has been jailed.

Joshua Richard Steele attempted to flee when police arrived to arrest him at his family home in Pinehurst, and Class A drugs and scales were also found at his parents’ home.

In total, between £5,500 and £6,500 of Class A drugs were recovered, along with a stolen Juke motorbike.

Full story here.

Daniel Stacey: 12 offenses including theft, aggravated kidnapping and multiple fines – 6 months

A Bradford-on-Avon man who drove a stolen car at 100mph to flee police before attempting to run them over has been jailed for six months.

Daniel Stacey, 33, of Widbrook View, was also banned from driving for three years when he appeared at Salisbury Crown Court.

Court heard how Stacey put lives at risk trying to evade officers in a blue light chase, including driving an Audi A6 at high speed along trails and the wrong way around a traffic circle -point.

The whole story here

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