UL Addresses Rise in Security Attacks with SafeCyber ​​Updates

UL, a global safety science provider, releases the latest enhancements to its product safety and compliance lifecycle management platform, SafeCyber.

Amid an increase in supply chain attacks, a shortage of security expertise and a dynamic regulatory environment, UL’s new SafeCyber ​​Dashboard gives users a comprehensive view of the security maturity of their products and projects in one place.

SafeCyber ​​also provides an easy-to-use portal to help users learn about available device lifecycle solutions to better manage and secure their ecosystems.

With this new dashboard, users can view all of their product safety testing and evaluation activities in one central location. The new feature provides visibility into the security maturity of their product lines and readiness for certification to industry standards, including ISA/SAE 21434 and IEC 62443 4-1, among others.

Additionally, UL officially announced Binary Check, a new SafeCyber ​​platform solution. Binary Check allows users to perform continuous, automated scanning of binary code to ensure ongoing security and compliance of connected devices and systems. This new solution includes the ability to generate a software bill of materials (SBOM), detect and manage vulnerabilities for faster remediation, and obtain compliance analysis.

“The rapid adoption of connected devices creates countless benefits and opportunities, but also leads to an increasingly large and attractive attack vector for malicious actors,” said David Nosibor, Head of Platform Solutions. , Identity Management Security and UL’s SafeCyber ​​Project Lead. “As devices gradually become connected, it is difficult for enterprises to keep up with the increasing complexity of devices and security systems, which makes them vulnerable to ransomware and firmware attacks. Hardening security requires a proactive approach At UL, we are committed to enabling organizations to innovate and bring products to market safely.With SafeCyber, customers gain a 360-degree view of their security governance and processes to better manage and mitigate product safety risks.

Launched last year, SafeCyber ​​aims to democratize product security and enable device manufacturers, vendors and system integrators to support their connected ecosystems and mitigate growing threats from chip to chip. cloud.

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