T-Mobile will have a mandatory $35 activation fee starting Nov. 3

T-Mobile will now have a mandatory activation fee whether you activate in-store or online.

T-Mobile has made a name for itself in the wireless industry over the past decade by being the “non-carrier”. Now what exactly does that mean, it means the wireless service provider has operated differently than traditional service providers, providing better value, choices and special benefits. While there’s no doubt that T-Mobile has transformed the wireless industry, it looks like, for the first time in a long time, it will introduce something that isn’t very user-friendly.

Although T-Mobile has been charging for activations for some time, it did so as part of the “assisted support” fee. These fees have increased steadily over the past two years and were optional fees that could be avoided by ordering online and setting things up yourself. Now, it looks like that won’t even be an option anymore, as a new $35 “device connection fee” fee will now apply to orders placed in-store or online.

According to T-Mo Report, these new charges will apply when you activate a new line or add a line to an existing plan. Additionally, these charges will apply even if you bring your own device and have it activated with the carrier or sign up for home internet service. Fortunately, charges will not apply to SIM or eSIM swaps, JUMP! Upgrades, prepaid lines or customers who activate a new product after a trade-in.

With this new change, T-Mobile becomes like any other carrier, charging to activate lines. While new customers probably won’t notice, old customers will certainly be surprised the next time they choose to activate a new service line with the “Un-carrier”. If you’ve been thinking about activating with T-Mobile, be sure to check out some of the best phones they must offer and activate the service by November 3 so you can avoid the mandatory $35 fee.

Source: T-Mo Report

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