SSS, sent the member’s contact information update back to My.SSS

The Social Security System (SSS) announced that members can now update contact information online starting May 16, 2022 after the agency returned the online update of records to the My portal. SSS.

In a statement, SSS President and CEO Michael Regino said members with a My.SSS account can now update or change their contact information such as phone number, mobile number, address postal address, foreign address and e-mail address, without having to go to any SSS agency to submit a request for modification of member data.

For those who don’t have contact information other than their cell phone number, they can update their contact information as well. In the meantime, if the member does not have a mobile number registered with SSS, he should go to any SSS branch to submit his mobile number via the member data change request form and set a go through their My.SSS account, or simply enter according to the digital encoding scheme. Just be sure to follow the schedule based on the latest SSS issue.

“We did everything we could to quickly complete the improvement of My.SSS and give members a more convenient way to update their contact information, whether they are at home or in the office, 24 hours a day. and 7 days a week. We aim to provide our members with better service and help them with their SSS transactions,” Regino said.

SSS has temporarily suspended online updating of contact details on My.SSS on August 3, 2021 to allow for improvements to the online portal and to strengthen its security features to protect members’ confidential information.

The online member contact update has been restored to provide a more convenient and secure way for members to update their SSS records.

You can update contact information by logging into their My.SSS account and selecting “Update Contact Information” found in the “Member Information” menu. They may also update or change contact numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses, other than their home address, and submit them online.

SSS will send a notification to the member’s email and mobile number. All you have to do is confirm the request by clicking on the link sent to your email to update your contact details.

Members only have three days to confirm the request as the link will automatically expire after that time and the process will need to be repeated. After confirmation of the request, the updated contact information will be visible in the system after two days and the member will be notified.

Regino urged all members to be sure to provide up-to-date contact information as this is where SSS will send all agency messages and updates.

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