Sami Callihan returns from injury at IMPACT Under Siege 2022 and attacks Moose

The Death Machine is back at IMPACT Wrestling!

Prior to the main event of Under Siege, Moose came to the ring and claimed to hijack the show. He said he made no apologies for the way he was acting because it allowed him to be champion. He continued, berating Josh Alexander and calling him a paper champ while complaining about the quick turnaround for his rematch.

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The lights then went out and a familiar vignette played announcing the return of Sami Callihan. The Death Machine appeared in the ring with a baseball bat in hand and decimated the man who put him on the disabled list in the first place.

Sami has been on set since September with a broken ankle. Last month, during IMPACT Rebellion, vignetted began airing with the words “EGV” and “Coming Soon.” Throughout the clip, which aired weekly since then, there was a hidden message written in binary code (01010011 01100001 01101101 01101001) which translates to “Sami”.

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