Man Who Makes $6 Million A Month From Bitcoin Reveals How To Make Money Without Buying Bitcoin

  • A man who stumbled upon Bitcoin after losing his job in construction shared how he makes money from it without buying
  • Emmanuel Akpa said he started his research on Bitcoin in 2017 and found a Bitcoin Era, a platform that predicts the trajectory of Bitcoin
  • Akpa said Bitcoin is an escape from tough economic times for Nigerians who are looking for a means of survival

Emmanuel Akpa is a father who started trading bitcoin after losing his construction job.

According to him, the loss of his job threw him off balance and he started looking for ways to earn money and take care of his family after unsuccessfully looking for a job, he told the Daily News.

Crypto dad earns N6million per month Credit: Westend61
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He started trading Bitcoin in 2017. At first, Akpa said he was scared because he didn’t know how he could make money from Bitcoin without deep computer skills or a degree in finance,

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As he continued to dig deeper, he came across an ad that said he could earn up to 3.8 million naira in 24 hours by investing just 95,000 naira with a system called Bitcoin Era.

He said the platform received good reviews from top bitcoin traders, so he felt safe investing there.

What is the era of Bitcoin?

It is an online system that teaches traders how to use websites to earn money by trading bitcoins online. Bitcoin Era uses revolutionary coding to understand and recommend whether the value of Bitcoin is rising or falling.

Akpa said that after two weeks of trading with Bitcoin Era, he had earned over 5 million naira.

The news shook him and he saw how easy it is to make money with Bitcoin.

His success has led him to be featured on entrepreneur blogs and other cryptocurrency podcasts.

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Akpa said the difficult economic situation in Nigeria and around the world is biting harder, bitcoin is an escape from poverty and it is an unprecedented time for Nigerians to make money trading bitcoin.

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