Ironkey Vault Privacy 80ES Hardware Encrypted External SSD Review

Undoubtedly, the costliest criminal loss to society today is data loss. The billions do not accurately reflect the total loss worldwide and, in fact, we are certain that there would be a single instance where over $1 billion in return passed through a single criminal crypto account. And no one is safe. From consumer to business to hospitals, police departments, airlines… You name it. Data security should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind and Ironkey is one of the oldest names in the business.

The newest data security tool on the market is the IronKey Vault Privacy 80ES Hardware Encrypted External SSD and this storage device is as easy as can be to set up and use. Where most are designed for business, the IronKey was made for you and me. It’s that easy to set up, easy to use, and there’s nothing better available today to protect your data. It is independent of the operating system. So when you unlock the 80ES by simply inserting your password or passphrase, it is an open storage drive until it is removed or locked again. There is no software installation; everything you need is in the 80ES itself. And it’s as safe as possible.

The IronKey VP80ES is available in 480, 960, and 1.92 GB capacities and is FIPS 197 certified and features XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It’s built with a permanently attached blue zinc exterior and features a color display that pops up when plugged into the PC.

At the bottom is a Type-C port and this package includes a black and blue neoprene outer case, a quick installation guide, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C to Type-C cable, and a Type-C cable to Type-A. Using the Type-C to Type-C cable in a compatible system results in speeds of up to 250MB/s read and write.

The key to the IronKey is “ease of use”. Plug it in, set a password, confirm the password, then connect. It’s that simple, but that’s not the only thing this device is capable of. It has brute force protection and crypto wipes all data after 15 failed password attempts. The importance of remembering your password cannot be stressed enough as there is no backdoor or master unlock code one can obtain. One can work in admin or user mode, set multi-password options, set access to numeric or password mode, as well as set how long before the 80ES automatically locks.

Performance is listed at 250MB/s read and write and we were able to improve that a bit. Compatibility extends to anything a USB storage device can be plugged into and includes Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome. Kingston has set some incredible prices for the ironkey VP80ES and it’s available on Amazon right now for $287.27 (480GB), $351.11 (960GB), and $493.99 (1.92TB). Check out this presentation video of the Kingston Ironkey 80ES:

Over the years we’ve reviewed several “security” SSDs and the IronKey VPES80 seems to have included everything we suggested. For example, the keypad is made up of random numbers or letters to prevent someone from identifying the same location used for access over time. The ability to use a passphrase instead of a password is a definite plus, as is setting password length, auto-lock time, language, and brightness.

Last but not least, the IronKey 80ES comes with a 3-year limited warranty and is priced perfectly for consumer sales. Editors Choice!

See IronKey Vault Privacy 80ES pricing on Amazon.

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