IMPACT Wrestling Airs Promo for “EGV” during Rebellion 2022 which spells out “Sami” in binary code

The binary code contains the indices.

During IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion 2022, a vignette aired for someone “coming soon”. “EGV”

New IMPACT World Champion crowned at IMPACT Rebellion 2022

were the 3 letters featured in the thumbnail which also featured scrolling images of Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, x-ray images and flashing lights. Throughout the thumbnail there was also the presence of a hidden message written in binary code, “01010011 01100001 01101101 01101001”

When translated into text, this binary code translates to “Sami”. Former IMPACT World Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan has been on the shelf with a broken ankle since September. he was recently quoted as saying that his injury and time away from wrestling is driving him crazy. Learn more here.

If you miss some of tonight’s action, you can follow our live coverage of IMPACT Rebellion 2022 here. There will also be a post show podcast with Stephen Jensen and Denise Salcedo breaking down all the action.

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