How Lucy the NJ Elephant and Booze are Linked to Our Vacations

So this one is an interesting connection to New Jersey. And more, it’s proof that you can’t escape the Garden State even if you tried. At least, when it comes to some sort of Jersey connection.

During the last two weeks of August, my family and I took a well-deserved vacation to wrap up the summer season in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My wife is the reason we go there every season because she introduced me to this life.

Now yes, my wife is a real Jersey girl, having grown up in Monmouth County. But her family once owned a business in Truro, MA, and she spent her summers there, working in the family cabins.

These cabins have since been sold and converted into private condominiums, and his family no longer has any connection with them. However, this area makes sense to her and since we’ve been together we’ve been climbing almost every year.

That said, we cannot stay at his family’s old cottages as they are now private. But that’s okay as we are now branching off to other cottage communities and encountering even more holidaymakers.

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On this particular visit, we met a very nice couple who were around our age. After getting to know them we learned that they have Jersey ties having been here before. However, one of the stories was quite interesting and funny.

Now a disclaimer, I’m going to do my best to remember how this story was told to me, so my apologies in advance to our new friends if they read this and notice anything that might not be quite right. relevant fact. However, I remember the general events that took place.

So on this particular trip, they were on a military visit. They knew someone who was in the Navy and was in the Margate area for a few days.

One night they were at a local bar, where their friend had had a few too many drinks. No big deal since he didn’t have his car with him and he was being driven home.

BENCE BOROS via Unsplash

BENCE BOROS via Unsplash

While in the car, he told his visiting friends that they needed to pick up his car. They thought OK, we can do this. There was someone sober who could drive it so they figured why not.

When they asked where he was, he told her he was parked by the big beeping elephant. I’m sure you can guess what word was actually said instead of “beep”.

Confused, they both thought he was losing it in a fantasy land. They both wondered, big beeping elephant, what the hell was he talking about? And once they got him home, he insisted the car was elephant. The big beeper.

Eventually he got a little sicker before finally passing out for the night. If you were sober and you heard a drunk say that, would you believe it? Of course not. At this point, they thought they would wait until morning to find out where his car really was.

Tuesday’s brilliant sunrise was a direct effect of smoke particles in the air from the Wharton State Forest Fire. (Kathy Wagner)

This brilliant sunrise – a direct effect of smoke particles in the air from the Wharton State Forest fire. (Kathy Wagner)

The next morning he was back to himself. However, he still insisted that the car was parked by the giant elephant. But this time he was able to give instructions. So after a while they headed for the car. And to his guest’s disbelief, there it was. They couldn’t believe what they were looking at.

Yes, it was a big beeping elephant. A very big beeping elephant to be exact. And as they had been told, there was his car, parked very close to the elephant.

Lucy the Elephant via Google Earth

Lucy the Elephant via Google Earth

It was Lucy the Elephant’s introduction to two people from New Hampshire. Needless to say, they never forgot that trip. Not so much about the bar incident, but about the fact that New Jersey was home to the largest beeping elephant in the world.

They were even more shocked to learn that at some point you could rent Lucy and live a night inside the giant elephant. Yes, it was certainly an interesting story, to say the least.

It’s something you gotta love in New Jersey. It is definitely not a boring place to visit and others will be scratching their heads while enjoying their memorable stay. This is something we should be proud of.

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