Greenrooms Inc. Introduces Next-Gen Self-Hosted Open Source Video Conferencing Solution Focused on Privacy

Wirow is a completely privacy-centric open-source self-hosted video conferencing solution that guarantees easy installation, easy cloud compatibility and an affordable price.

Claymont, Delaware – (Newsfile Corp. – June 4, 2022) – Greenrooms Inc., a visionary Delaware-based technology company, is poised to revolutionize the video conferencing scene with an innovative, privacy-focused, open-source self-hosted video conferencing solution. conference. Entitled “Wirow“, the next-generation solution provides a more convenient, secure and efficient video conferencing tool.

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Wirow was officially launched in April 2022. As of now, the solution is available for free installation. The product is specially developed for SMEs working in a wide range of sectors, such as consulting, marketing, finance, legal, technology, education, medicine, etc.

A game changer in the contemporary video conferencing tools market, Wirow is the FIRST cloud-enabled video conferencing solution with open code. In other words, there was no cloud-based video conferencing solution with open-source until now.

According to statements by Anton Adamansky, the CTO of Wirow, Wirow was uniquely designed to solve the typical problems posed by existing video conferencing tools.

“Conventional video conferencing tools, although they have their particular advantages, are somehow unable to provide a complete solution. Existing SaaS-based platforms cannot guarantee the confidentiality of video call and conference data. , this has been a huge problem for us as we mainly work with financial companies and our exchanges (via video conferencing) require the utmost confidentiality.Then you have the self-hosted solutions.But, they are usually extremely expensive and also involve a complicated installation. We scoured the market for an alternative solution that would provide easy server/cloud installation, guarantee privacy and wouldn’t cost a bomb. But, unfortunately, the market lacked a viable solution – we realized that we had to do something to resolve the crisis and, thus, Wirow was born,” Adamansky said. .

Wirow is a complete self-hosted web video conferencing platform that comes as a single executable. The solution works on any Linux machine and installation is a snap. All a user would have to do here is download the application binary package and install it on a server with an external IP/cloud. And, it’s done.

Since Wirow is an open source product, users can also build one from source, via

Adamansky shared that Wirow users will be able to chat and broadcast their desktop. The next-generation video conferencing solution does not require users to opt for client software, but the user can simply connect to the rooms through a browser.

From now on, Wirow allows users to host webinars and conference rooms as well as invite colleagues and clients as guests. To host a meeting, the user will simply have to share a meeting link with the participants and they will be able to attend the meeting.

Key Features and Benefits of Wirow

  • Innovative self-hosted, privacy-focused video conferencing and web conferencing solution

  • Complete product

  • Open source product

  • Compatible with all major cloud providers including Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.

  • Simple and easy to install

  • Browser-based solution

  • User-friendly product

  • Compatible with all Linux machines

  • Affordable price

In the coming months, Greenrooms should launch tariff packages for Wirow and a mobile application.

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