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Check Fix ‘Error running update binary in zip on Android’

Solve the error while running Updater Binary In Zip using three simple strategies. Fixed update process terminated with status error 7 via TWRP recovery. Since Android is open source, it is possible to modify the code, recompile it and republish it for different types of devices. From operating environment, game, theme, recovery or user interface, everything can be changed effortlessly. Some third-party developers compile different custom ROMs and parts to fine-tune the look of a device. A spic and span Android device comes with stock firmware pre-installed. This stock ROM has a restricted utility where you can just work with a custom ROM.

How to fix error while running update binary in zip

While installing some custom ROMs, you may encounter errors such as status error 7, error: 7 or zip signature verification failed, update binary runtime error up-to-date in Zip and many more. Usually, these errors are caused by the update script file present in your custom ROM. This file confirms your Android device model to check ROM compatibility. It works as a security mechanism to prevent incompatible ROMs from flashing on your device. But sometimes you may encounter these errors even if you have the correct ROM for your device.

The reason is a code error in the update script created by the developer while creating the ROM zip file. The solution to this problem is quite simple, but many users get stuck when they encounter such type of errors. You can fix these common errors using our step-by-step tutorial provided below. To solve this problem, all you need is a computer and some software. That’s it! You can even use your Android device if you don’t have a PC. Here in this guide to fix update binary file running error on zip errors, we have listed three methods. Please refer to one of the three methods to resolve update binary runtime error in zip error.

Editing the Updater-Script file

In this method, we will modify and update the Updater-Script file present in the zip package file. Let’s go straight to that.




Steps to fix error while running update binary in zip

  • Download and install WinRar and Notepad++ on your computer.
  • Copy the ROM zip file to your computer and extract it using WinRar.
  • After the extraction, you will find the Install, META-INF and System folders along with other files.
  • Open the META-IN folder.
  • Then open the com folder.
  • Next, open the Google folder.
  • Finally, open the Android folder.
  • Here you will find these two files: update-binary and updater-script.
  • Right-click on the update script file and select the Edit with Notepad++ option.
  • Select the line starting with ‘assert’ until the next semicolon and delete it.
  • This is usually the first line or one of the first lines at the top of the text file.
  • Delete everything until the ‘mount’ command is visible.
  • Now your first line will start from mount. Save the file.
  • Recompress/Recompress all the files you have decompressed.
  • Now copy this file to your device. And flash it via TWRP recovery. Now the ROM will install successfully without any errors when running the update binary in Zip.

Using the Flashify app

In this second method, we will use the Flashify application and install the latest TWRP custom recovery.


flash the app

Steps to fix error while running update binary in zip

  • Install the Flashify app from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and grant root permissions to the app.
  • In the Flash tab, select the Recovery Image option.
  • Then click on the Download TWRP option.
  • A list of TWRP recoveries will be displayed. Just choose the last one.
  • Click Yes to start flashing the latest TWRP recovery on your Android device.
  • Once the installation is complete, start TWRP and flash the file. This time the zip file will install successfully with no errors when running the zipped update binary.

Return to factory settings

In this method, we will be using TWRP recovery and performing a factory reset and clearing the Dalvik cache. Let’s go straight to that.

Steps to fix error while running update binary in zip

  • Boot your Android device into TWRP recovery.
  • Click on the Delete option.
  • Then swipe right to start the factory reset process.
  • After resetting your device to factory settings, select Erase option again. And then click on Advanced Wipe option.
  • On the next screen, select only the Dalvik cache partition.
  • Then swipe right to start the cleaning process.
  • Once the cleanup is complete, flash the file and it will install without giving the zip binary updater runtime error.

Final Words: Fix Runtime Update Binary File Error in Zip on Android

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