Creating Lifelong Friendships Through Common Ground in Bitcoin

Bitcoiners often share similar values ​​and are there to accomplish the same mission. This alignment creates strong relationships with people around the world.

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Pleb Music: As far as bitcoin maximalism and all this toxicity go, I think it’s a really good thing that our space has it because there’s so much shit out there and so many scams and stuff. It’s very difficult for people to understand this. If you mention bitcoin, a lot of people familiar with it can’t really tell the distinction between cryptocurrencies.

They just don’t know it. I consider toxicity a feature, not a bug. It’s like a filter through all that bullshit. I think we need these toxic maxis to build the base because we’re trying to accomplish something really big, which is basically separating money from the state.

We must have our foundation as solid as possible. I think this toxicity is a way for us to protect ourselves from people who might want to infiltrate this foundation. I would say that is, in a way, good. If you’re a fucking crook, you must be called by the maxis. If you screw up, the bullshit will come back. It’s a bit like karma.

I also want to say, because a lot of people say Bitcoiners are toxic, in my opinion, Bitcoins and the plebs are some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. All the connections I’ve made, all the friends through bitcoin, are really special.

If you follow the cause and if you want to help hyperbitcoinization or if you bring value to Bitcoiners and people, it’s like a synergy is happening because we all have similar values ​​and we’re trying to accomplish the same thing.

They will help you. Starting with meeting Bitcoiners, I was like, “OK, they want you to succeed, they want to help you achieve your goals. They will help you. So my personal experience with Bitcoiners is one of the most positive I have ever had. I think that perception of being so toxic is maybe a bit wrong, when it’s just a filter to get into this very closed group of people who, if you have the same values, you fit into These persons. Then it’s a very special, special thing that you have because everyone helps each other and then you have these friends for life.

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