Check out these 7 black-owned bars in Birmingham for a fun weekend ahead

Sipping nicely. (Luxe Ultra Lounge / Instagram)

As we head into a summer of fun, you could cool off with a drink. Ready to be seduced by 7 black-owned bars in Birmingham? Let’s see all they have to offer.

1. Cassanova Bar and Lounge

Cassanova McKinzy
Life is better in Birmingham thanks to businesses like this. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

From former Auburn football pro Cassanova McKinzy, this bar on First Ave. offers some of the best photo and drink spots. Have you ever heard of a “Sangria Popsicle”? Spoiler alert: this is a refreshing glass of sangria with strawberry ice cream dipped in the middle.

Head to Cassanova Bar and Lounge to find out what makes this black-owned bar so unique.

To celebrate Pride, head to their Pride Nights every Thursday!

2. Bar Sebastian

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
Stop by at their happy hour – no password needed. (Bar Sebastian / Instagram)

Behind a secret fire escape is a rooftop bar also known as Bar Sebastian. This super secret spot is only accessible by keyword so its exclusivity remains intact. Ready to recover the password to a new bar hidden in plain sight? Text for the code word and tell us what magic you discover.

3. The 3000Bar

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
We have our eyes glued to the slushie machines in the background. 👀 (The 3000Bar / Facebook)

3000Bar has been a Birmingham staple for 10 years, popular with locals. Their sweet decor, tasty frozen drinks and good vibes are what keep people coming back for more. Have you ever thought of celebrating Taco Tuesday at 3000 Bar? Ride with tacos + tequila all night.

4. EDEN Lounge

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
They are right. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

This bar recently opened on newly renovated 20th Street and features beautiful flowers and a wall of greenery outside – you can’t miss it. Gather your friends and head to EDEN.

5. Eighty Eight – A live music bar

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
Hands up for local live talent. (Eighty-eight / Instagram)

Fancy some live tunes? Check out Eighty Eight, a piano and live music bar. Have a drink and listen to local musicians take the stage. Do you want to be seduced by talent? Check out an example on their Instagram.

6. Ultra Luxury Living Room

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Long live the celebrations at Luxe! (Luxe Ultra Lounge / Instagram)

Next on our list of black-owned Birmingham bars is Luxe Ultra Lounge. Marked by purple neon lights, this bar will make you feel better dancing the night away. If you are looking for a place to dress up with all your girlfriends, this is the place.

7. Sleek Sports Bar

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
Visit SLEEK to cheer on your favorite teams. (Hilary Meares / Bham Now)

Want a local place to cheer on your favorite team? Head to SLEEK Sports Bar at Five Points for a beer and a casual night out with friends. They serve craft beer, your favorite cocktail, and familiar bar bites. Let’s toast to that!

8. Aria Bham

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
The vibe here? Immaculate. (Aria Bham/Instagram)

Ready for a night out on the town? Head to the Aria Restaurant and Lounge for an exclusive VIP experience like no other. Pro tip: Be sure to check the dress code before planning your trip.

8. The Vault Bar and Lounge

Black-Owned Birmingham Bars
We’re excited to know what’s behind The Vault. (The Vault / Facebook)

The name alone intrigues us. The Vault hosts monthly parties and events, so you’ll never experience the same thing twice. Plus, the space is available to rent, so if you’re looking for a place to host your next shindig, this is the place.

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