Briton who hacked NASA to find UFO evidence found ‘cigar-shaped alien spacecraft’

A British computer whiz who hacked into NASA itself in a bid to uncover evidence of extraterrestrial life claims to have found just that.

Gary McKinnon was arrested in March 2002, accused of carrying out the “greatest military computer hack of all time” when he gained unauthorized access to dozens of US Army, Navy , Air Force and Department of Defense, as well as 16 NASA computers.

And now McKinnon, 56, claims to have seen hard evidence of an alien spacecraft. He says he saw several UFO images but the dial-up connection he was using failed before he could download most of them.

He was only able to upload one image – an image of a “cigar-shaped” craft with a dome-shaped bulge on its sides which he is convinced is an alien craft.

McKinnon says he saw image of ‘cigar-shaped’ spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin

McKinnon told The Sun: “It’s a fact that there are objects that we don’t understand flying in our skies, it’s also a fact that there are science, intelligence and military departments that study these objects.

“I was absolutely amazed and these folders contained thousands of additional images.”

McKinnon had heard of former NASA contractor Donna Hare, who claimed to have seen photos taken by NASA astronauts before alien craft were airbrushed out of them.

McKinnon says he hacked into the NASA network to try to find evidence for Donna Hare's claims
McKinnon says he hacked into the NASA network to try to find evidence for Donna Hare’s claims

“I believe there were three [UFOs] on the moon when they landed and I believe the code word for them was Santa Claus,” Hare said.

She claims that NASA threatened those who dared to speak about UFO sightings or doctored images.

McKinnon says he accessed the NASA computer network in an effort to find this evidence of contact with extraterrestrials as well as proof that the government was hiding groundbreaking technology that would bankrupt energy companies.

16 NASA computers were compromised by McKinnon
16 NASA computers were compromised by McKinnon

But the US government claims he vandalized critical systems, deleting vital files and causing more than $700,000 in damage.

While the U.S. government has been more open about so-called “UAPs” by military airmen, McKinnon says hearings — like the recent discussion of UFO evidence by the House Subcommittee on counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and counter-proliferation – are only part of the cover-up.

He said last month’s U.S. Congressional hearing on UFOs is “not at all meaningful for disclosure, those hearings, focus groups and the like are never fruitful for disclosure.”

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