Aunt shares genius way to distinguish her identical triplets nephews

According to Amy Jo Hasselquist, the visual cue has worked well for her family.

Fast! Can you tell these three identical triplets apart?

Meet Henrik, James and Thomas Hasselquist, the star triplets behind their Aunt Amy Jo Hasselquist’s TikTok page.

And don’t worry, the 30-something who hilariously calls herself the “world’s most correct aunt” has the easiest method of telling 15-month-old boys apart, which she revealed in a TikTok Video she posted on April 5.

In the video on the soundtrack to “It’s the Hard Knock Life” of “Annie”, Hasselquist lifts the boys’ feet to reveal that each of their big toes has been painted a specific color – green for James, blue for Henrik , and red for Thomas.

Hasselquist told ‘GMA’ that she lived with her triplet nephews and their parents, her older brother, Jon, and sister-in-law, Crystal, as well as their eldest son, Peter, for the first six months of the children’s lives. triplets. and discovered that they had a clever way of telling the triplets apart from each other.

“When (Crystal) spent those three months in the NICU with the babies, she talked to the nurses a lot and they shared many ways that other multiple mothers color coded their children to make sure they know who’s who,” Hasselquist said. “So there were a few different options that they shared with her and she landed on the paint of just one big toe. They also usually dress them in their colors.

“Everything was color coded – clothes, sleeping bags, cribs, blankets, coats…everything was pretty good with the color coding system.”

Thousands of people commented on Hasselquist’s TikTok post, which has already racked up more than a million likes in just over two weeks.

“People will comment and say, ‘I had a long day and I just saw this cute video of these babies and it made my day,'” Hasselquist said of the reaction so far. “It’s still very good and exciting to hear and read.”

Hasselquist loves sharing cute photos and videos of her nephews and the triplets are often the focus of her TikTok @heyhoitsamyjo page.

“I started TikTok, like most people did, during the pandemic, so I thought it would be fun to make fun little videos with music and things like that, especially to share with other friends and family,” she explained.

“I think everyone got a kick out of it. And we convinced the grandparents of the triplets to tune in to TikTok to follow the videos, so yeah, hoping to keep making them.

The triplets were born in January 2021 at 29 weeks and spent three months in the NICU before joining their family back home in Wisconsin.

Now that they are one year old, Hasselquist said the triplets’ personalities are starting to develop. She describes the oldest triplet, Henrik, as “the leader” and a “goofball”, while James is a “lover” who is “always smiling”.

As for Thomas, Hasselquist calls him “the thinker”. “He’s a little skeptical of people, he’ll look at you and wonder what you’re doing,” she said, adding that he also likes to flip through books.

According to Hasselquist, the three of them love to play with each other and with their older brother, 3-year-old Peter, who she says can still tell his siblings apart.

“He was probably the first to be able to figure out who was who without ever having to guess,” she said.

“Even if we change the colors of their clothes and their toes, he’d still know who’s who, which is pretty cool.”

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