Apple adds another top executive to its electric vehicle project who led the development of Lamborghini’s chassis and vehicle dynamics

At the end of June, Patently Apple released a report titled “Contrary to known facts so far, Volkswagen CEO oddly believes Apple’s Project Titan will be limited to software. In addition to highlighting Apple’s extensive patent portfolio on electric vehicle hardware systems, our report highlighted several high-profile Apple recruits, including Desi Ujkashevic with 31 years of Ford experience; Dr. Manfred Harrer, head of chassis development at Porsche and one of Volkswagen’s top engineers; or Dr. Anton Uselmann whose background is in steering systems at Porsche? And the CEO of Volkswagen is of the opinion that Apple needs such hires to develop a new vehicle dashboard?

Diving deeper, it was reported this afternoon that Apple has recruited a key Lamborghini executive to work on its electric car as part of Project Titan.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that “Apple Inc. has hired one of Lamborghini’s top automotive development executives in a sign it is stepping up work on an autonomous electric vehicle, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

The company hired Luigi Taraborrelli, a 20-year veteran of the Italian automaker, to help lead the design of Apple’s future vehicle, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is not public. Taraborrelli was most recently responsible for chassis and vehicle dynamics at Lamborghini.

The move is another signal that Apple is committed to producing a car after years of setbacks and upheaval. With his experience, Taraborrelli becomes one of the top executives on Apple’s EV team and brings an exotic car panache to the effort.

Evidently Apple has searched Taraborrelli’s LinkedIn profile which has not yet listed Apple as his employer, although he only left Lamborghini in May.

Taraborrelli states in part in his profile that he led the development of chassis and vehicle dynamics for the Lamborghini car business.

Taraborrelli further described his responsibilities: “Chassis concept development, car characteristics, overall vehicle lap time performance, vehicle dynamics objectives, ride and handling characteristics, suspension elasto-kinematics, objectification of the car, virtual simulation, software coding and on-board software parameterization and calibration activities. , Functional safety, Product liability.

I lead a unique and phenomenal team of engineers in the design, development and validation of: suspension components, rims and tires, steering and braking system, ABS/ESC, pedals, exhaust system, fuel supply, driver assistance systems, ” and much more.

Unlike the CEO of Volkswagen, who recently resigned. Taraborrelli’s experience has nothing to do with “software.”

Review full Bloomberg report to learn more about it.

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